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"PTP ultra dish 380 RF elements con roket ac Solo con el cambio de antena de ubnt a rf elements el enlace mejoro un 90% se las recomiendo y veran que no se arrepentiran"

‎Melvin Escarfullery Peralta

Dominican Republic

"For starters, design of Symmetrical Horn antennas are absolutely perfect - easy mounting & durable gear. We have used your TwistPort (TP) adapters for RouterBoard, Rocket & Rocket AC. TP adaptor for Rocket is used in 100% noisy environment and worked perfectly!"

Burc Gandil

wirelesssistem.net, Turkey
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"When your tower is 1600' above the town and you need massive vertical width, RF elements Symmetrical Horns to the rescue!"

AU Wireless, USA

"I've tried using another antennas (with 25dBi) before, but I could not get good result like this. Suppressed side lobe radiation reduces interferences and enables installation in areas with high noise levels. So far, I'm so satisfied with UltraDish and TwistPort"

Achmad Nur Amsyah

Toner Center Network Computama, Indonesia
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"Before I was forced to reduce channel width to 20 MHz, including the ones with RF Armor because of collocation interference. I could hardly do more than 2Mbps per client even with a signal of -67dBm. With 40° sectors results are fantastic! They work very well on 80MHz channel width with no sign of the previous problems. Thank You RF elements!!!"

Nurudeen I. Suleiman

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"The TwistPort performed significantly better than the UBNT AC sector. No lobes, great SNR and good vertical performance. CPEs that would not lock up on the AC sector worked with the TwistPort."

Chadwick Wachs, auwireless.net


"Symmetrical Horn Antennas provide huge benefits. Signal and throughput improvements
are significant. We have achieved desirable throughput to provide better service to our customers"


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"With 17 dBi Carrier Class, I could get wider range and higher throughput than 20 dBi competitor with same MIMO access point."

Achmad Nur Amsyah

Toner Center Network Computama, Indonesia

"We are using RF elements equipment for almost two years, during all the time without interruption, without any degradation of equipment. We are really very satisfied."

Wagner Charif

WSNET São Paulo
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"In terms of performance, Sector MiMo is comparable to large Airmax Sector from
Ubiquiti. The overall impression is very good, we can recommend this product.
Guys in RF elements did a great job!"

Michal Rybarik

Alternet, Slovakia
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