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"The TwistPort™ performed significantly better than the UBNT AC Sector.
No lobes, great SNR and good vertical performance."

AU Wireless


"Close customers have much better signal (with Symmetrical Sector Antennas)
as compared to a regular sector with no downtilt even
on a tower that is only 140 ft."



"Signal and throughput improvement is significant.
Performance of Symmetrical Sector Antennas from RF elements is excellent."



"With 17 dBi Carrier Class, I could get wider range and higher throughput
than 20 dBi competitor with same MIMO access point."

Achmad Nur Amsyah

TONER CENTER Network Computama, Indonesia

"We use Carrier Class Sectors in wi-fi service across the Albanian seaside. Antennas provide very high advantages in regards of quality and stability of the connection, and behave much better in a frequency crowded environment."

Dritan Vreshta

Starnet, Albania

"We are using RF elements equipment for almost two years, during all the time without interruption, without any degradation of equipment. We are really very satisfied."

Wagner Charif

WSNET São Paulo

"In terms of performance, Sector MiMo is comparable to large Airmax Sector from Ubiquiti. The overall impression is very good, we can recommend this product. Guys in RF elements did great job!"

Michal Rybarik

Alternet, Slovakia

"Once we tested NanoBracket® SXT, we were really impressed. We decided to use NanoBracket® SXT for all our installations, even when CPE is used on flat position."

Nacho Plá

Ago Telecom, Spain