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Carrier Class CPE Enclosure

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS is an aluminum outdoor CPE antenna enclosure with IP65 environmental resistance rating and a built-in high-gain dual polarization antenna. We offer a 19 dBi 5 GHz model and a 14 dBi 2.4 GHz model.

19dBi 5GHz Dual Polarization Antenna

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS features built-in dual polarization antennas with 19dBi gain in 5GHz or 14dBi gain in 2.4GHz. A new and innovative antenna design is addressing customer requirements for increased gain and reduced side lobes. To further eliminate RF losses, the enclosure features semi-flex waveguides with MMCX connectors.

xlcc patterns

Made For MikroTik™

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS is designed for a seamless installation of MikroTik™ RouterBoards RB92x, RB91x, RB71x, RB41x, and RB433. The installation of the board requires no tools and takes only a couple of seconds. The LEDs on the RouterBoard remain visible.

Aluminium Enclosure with IP65

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS meets the requirements of the IP65 environmental resistance rating. The enclosure and the base of NanoBracket® are made of die cast aluminium, all hardware is made of stainless steel, and the radome and the plastic parts are made of high quality outdoor-rated ABS plastic. The ethernet connector is outdoor-rated and water resistant. Silicone gaskets are applied.


Integrated NanoBracket®

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS comes with a revolutionary integrated mounting solution. The enclosure features RF elements® NanoBracket®, a 3-axis positioning system with a ball hinge that allows to adjust the position of the CPE in elevation, azimuth, and rotation. Thanks to this precise level of adjustability, you are able to achieve the best possible link performance and to minimize polarization missmatch loss.



Product ID: SBX-XL-CC-5-19
Frequency Range: 5450 - 5850 MHz
Gain: 19 dBi

StationBox® XL CARRIER CLASS 2.4 GHz

Product ID: SBX-XL-CC-2-14
Frequency Range: 2400 - 2485 MHz
Gain: 13.7 dBi

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