PoE Adapter

POE24V1A is a Power Over Ethernet (AC to DC power transfer device).
It can provide 24W (24V DC 1000mA) of single DC output with constant voltage.

Poe Adapter

Technical specification

Input Voltage (AC) 100- 240Vac Nomina
l90 - 264Vac Maximum.
Input Frequency Range 47 Hz(min) ~ 63 Hz(max)
Input In-rush Current 50A Max at Cold start@25°C
AC input 220V and dc output full-loading.
Input Current 0.8A Max at 90V ac
0.6A Max at 264V ac
Hold-Up time 7ms minimum at dc output full loading and 115 Vac 50/60Hz input.
Input wattage at output no-load / minimum-load condition Less than 0.5W Pin DC output load and 240Vac input voltage and frequency condition.
Efficiency 80% minimum at dc output full loading and 115/230Vac input voltage range included dc output cable voltage drop loss.
Safety Test Leakage current less than 0.25mA at 264Vac, 50Hz.
Hi-Pot test : 3000Vac, 10mA, 3Sec between Primary to Secondary ground.
Insulation : at dc 500Vdc,1 Sec between Primary to Secondary circuit, IR shall  >=50MΩ.
Over-Shoot and under-shoot. Less than 10% of nominal Voltage value. 1.3A (the condition of 100Vac input)
1.5A (the condition of 240Vac input)
Protection SCP: For short circuited protection and with auto-recovery function.
Rise time The output voltage should rise from 10%~90% volt and settle within regulation in less than 20 msec from apply of AC input voltage condition.
Input Voltage (AC) Less than 0.5%/C.
Output Voltage and Current (DC) V/out 24.0V
V/range 22.8—25.2V
I /out(Nominal) 1.0A
Ripple and Noise Low frequency ripple ( < 100KHz ) <= 200mVpp, and Total composite Ripple and Noise. Less than 120mVpp, tested by dc loading side parallel with a 10uF/EC(C2) and 0.1uF/Ceramic(C1). Capacitors and Measured Band-Width with DC-20MHz.



Temperature Operation : -10 to 40 °C
Storage : -30 to 80 °C

Operation : 10 to 95%

Storage : 10 to 95%

EMS Parameters

Refering Standards CISPR

Part 22,class B


Average life expectancy of 5 years. 8(H)×300(D)×5(Y).

Environment Ambient: 25°C

30,000 Power On Hours at 25°C

Temperature Rise Less than 45°C at nominal AC input / DC output full loading and environment temperature
25+/-1°C on Top/Bottom of plastic case.

100% Burn-In with 80~100% loading & 35~45°C Environment temperature .

Vibration Test Non operation vibration with shipping container shall be 2G'S peak, 7-50Hz, 4G'S peak 50-500Hz, after test no abnormally to be found. Operation vibration shall be 0.5G'S peak, 10-60Hz, 3 Axes, after test no abnormally to be noted.

The product to be droped from 1000mm height onto a concrete floor covered with 20mm vinyl tile one times from 3 different surface(X-Y-Z),after test,the switching power supply is not broken, disassembled, or damaged to access hazardous parts.

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimension 84.0mm(L) * 44.0mm(W) * 26.0mm(H) Weight : 123 gram
AC Inlet IEC320-C6
Case Material NORYL (PC,PC+ABS,or equivalent), 94V-0, Color: Black
Surface Damaged, or rusted surface is not permitted
Output Plug


RJ-45 Output (Data & Power)

Pin Symbol Description


Data Receive
2 Rx- Data Receive
3 Tx+ Data Transmit
4 -Vdc return (I) Feeding Power (I)
5 -Vdc return (+) Feeding Power (+)
6 Tx- Data Transmit
7 -Vdc Feeding Power (-)
8 -Vdc Feeding Power (-)





Product / Product ID

PoE Adapter EU

PoE Adapter USA

Compatible Product

Passive PoE™

Product Datasheet

Pover Over Ethernet POE Adapter POE24V1A